Woodruff Community Garden

7th and Brown Streets, next to the Billy Mitchell Boys and Girls Club


7th and Brown Street

For information about the garden and how to become involved, contact Anita at

The Woodruff Community Garden fosters an appreciation of gardening, variety in the diets of gardeners' families, and the benefits of fresh, locally grown food. Food produced in the garden is not for sale.

The garden encourages environmental stewardship by encouraging gardeners to use organic methods to protect the garden's bees. Gardeners, both novice and experienced, learn from each other about growing and using garden produce. The current 33 active members includes several young families with children, members who are working and have teen or adult children, as well as seniors who are retired.

Since the beginning, the community garden has been a true "community" effort. Members all contribute in some way. The garden space required major clean up and clearing. Some members built plots; a local plumber installed six faucets; a local architect designed a large shed for tools and equipment; others brought personal tillers and offered to assist other gardeners. Over the past few years, several plots (currently 15) have been used for "shared" crops. The crops and work in these plots are by all gardeners. Some gardeners with limited time, small children, health issues, or those just learning to garden choose to garden only in these shared plots.
The Billy Mitchell Boys and Girls Club has a plot in the garden. Even in years when they have not had a plot, a staff member usually brings children to visit the garden several times during the summer. The Woodruff Early Childhood School is in the block next to the garden. The Lamar Porter Baseball Field adjoins the Garden on the East.
Recent Developments: The city of Little Rock removed trees that were growing in the creek that borders the Garden. Some were dead and most had wild grape and poison ivy growing in them. The Garden received a Love Your Block grant from the city of Little Rock to install a trellis system supporting blackberries, raspberries, grapes, muscadine and kiwi along the creek. The planting will provide more food, be more attractive, and provide nectar for bees and butterflies that live in the garden. Home Depot volunteers installed water lines for drip irrigation of the plots.

During the spring we will have work-days scheduled for every week-end to prep the garden. Once all the community plots are prepped or planted we will reduce the number of workdays per month as needed.

Work day times are: Saturday - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sunday - 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm