City and Local Resource Directory

Some numbers to call when you're trying to solve problems and get things done.

Following are some numbers to call and offices/agencies to contact when you are trying to get answers to questions, solve problems, or just get something taken care of. We hope that, whether you're new to Capitol View-Stifft Station or you've lived here for years, these will prove to be useful resources for you. Give them a try; it's amazing what help you can get if you just know who to ask!

After School Programs 399-3420

Airport: Little Rock National Airport 372-3439

Animal Services
Animal Control (stray dogs, cats, etc.) 311
Dead Animals 311
Little Rock Animal Village 376-3067
Humane Society of Pulaski County 227-6166

Building Permits 371-4832

City Hall
Mayor 371-4510
Board of Directors 371-4510
City Manager 371-4510
City Clerk 371-6803 or 244-5494

Code Enforcement 311

Community Centers
Adult Leisure Center 666-3585
Dunbar Community Center 376-1084
East Little Rock Community Center 374-2881
Southwest Community Center 918-3975
Stephens Community Center 603-9377

Community Programs 399-3420

Courts: Little Rock District Courts
Criminal Court 371-4739
Environmental Court 371-4454
Traffic Court 371-4733

Drainage and Sewer Maintenance 311

City Employment 371-4590
Summer Youth Employment 399-3420

Fitness: Dailey Fitness and Aquatic Center 664-6976

Graffiti Removal 311

Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center
3805 West 12th Street

Homeless Services 379-1562

Library: Central Arkansas Library System 918-3000

Missing Street Signs 311

Municipal Golf Courses
Hindman Golf Course 565-6450
Rebsamen Golf Course 666-7965
War Memorial Golf Course 663-0854

Neighborhood Alert Center
Capitol View-Stifft Station Alert Center
2715 W. 7th St

Parks and Recreation 371-4770

Emergency 911
Non-emergency (request crime report, other inquiries) 311
Crime Stoppers 371-4636

Pothole Repair 311

Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission 244-5483

River Market 375-2552

Sidewalk Maintenance 311

Traffic and Streetlights 311

Transportation: Central Arkansas Transit Authority 375-6717

Trash Pick-up (bulky items, recycling, regular trash, yard waste) 311

Vehicle Storage(towed vehicles) 918-4260

Electricity: Entergy
Electrical Outages
Call Before You Dig
Gas: Centerpoint Energy
After-hours Emergency
Water: Central Arkansas Water(bill inquiries turn on/off) 372-5161
Cable TV: Comcast 375-5755

Zoning Verification and Complaints 371-4844

Zoo: Little Rock Zoo 666-2406